Miami Springs Middle School Mobile App

School logo in center of QR code for app


We are pleased to announce that we now have a mobile app! An easy convenient way to stay connected with our school. Be sure to turn on push notifications to receive reminders of important events.

Download Instructions

1. Scan QR Code (Note: If downloading at school turn wifi off as the server may not allow it to download properly)

2. Click Allow on popup

3. Click on upload link image.png (Some Android devices will go straight to step 4)

4. Scroll down and click on Add to Home Screen

5. Click on Add top right

6. Click on app

7. Click Allow on popup

8. Click on Accept for Cookies

9. Click on 4 squares top right image.png

10. Click on bell image.png top right

11. Turn on Notifications by clicking button

12. Click Allow on popup to accept push notifications